The Plan



This timeline will guide us to plan completion in FY'24. Our current phase: visioning & data analysis includes many community engagement efforts detailed below. All aspects of the timeline will be informed by our stakeholders, steering committee, advisory committee, and Central MA residents.  

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Imagine 2050 will be framed based on a sustainability framework of Economy, Environment, and Equity, aka "The 3 E's". Economy includes local economic development and workforce development.

Environment includes local intersections of all living species, climate, and resources.

Equity includes consistent, systematic, fair, and impartial treatment of all residents.

The 3 E's

Cross-Cutting Themes

When we're thinking about our 3 E's, we want to apply a number of cross-cutting themes to those conversations. Infrastructure, education, quality of life, sustainability & resiliency, and community vitality are things that have big implications for each of our pillars.

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The Road to Imagine 2050





CMRPC Development Framework: Population

2020 Growth Strategy: Development Framework

2020 Growth Strategy: Update

Compact Plans and Prioritization Projects

Plan Updates

Imagine 2050 is on its way! Read the finalized components below 

Mobility2040 is the Long Range Transportation Plan for the Central Massachusetts Metropolitan Planning Organization that describes the region's current transportation system and how that system should be maintained and modified over the next 20 years. 

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Plan Methodology

Data Collection & Analysis

This data will be used for a historical review, review of progress toward earlier plan goals and objectives, and what has changed. 

  • Census 

  • Land use Database

  • Real Estate Data

  • Traffic Data

  • Health Data

  • Economic Data

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Community Engagement 

The plan's vision & goals will be decided by the following stakeholders

  • Steering Committee

  • Advisory Committee

  • Regional Ambassadors

  • Staff working groups 

  • General Public

Through engagement strategies including

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